Buttermilk "plays" with her "friends"


I like to write. Like, physically write. As in using a pencil/pen to handwrite words onto a college-ruled sheet of notebook paper.
And not really anything in particular, I just like the act of writing letters and words, and seeing my handwriting. Making words look pretty.
Sometimes I won’t even write anything in particular. I’ll be on the phone with my notepad in front of me and I’ll find myself doodling random words from the conversation. Does that seem weird?

I do like the art of writing as well, and would love to be an author. But most of the time, I don’t feel as if I can put my imagination into words eloquently enough. So my stories stay in my imagination.

Have you ever have a specific word that you enjoy writing, or find yourself writing absent-mindedly?
I do.
I won’t even tell you the word, but I find myself doodling this word a lot. So much so that sometimes I will end up filling up two sheets of notebook pages with just that word written over and over again.

Then I would think about it. I would I would stare at it, and it would be beautiful, then it wouldn’t be. I’d wonder if maybe this word meant something to me, or if it was a fortelling of something in my future… If maybe there was something inside of me that connected on a deeper level with this particular word.

But not everything has to have some deep and proverbial meaning. The truth is, it’s just a random word. It’s not my favorite word, or a word with a powerful meaning behind it, or a even word that sounds that pleasant when spoken. It’s simply a word that I enjoy writing; I like the way my hand feels as I flow from one letter to the next.

I’m not even sure where I was going with this. This is just random, odd thoughts that go through my mind sometimes.


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Vote for Ludo for the 2014 Kitteo Awards! Pretty pretty please! :-)http://bit.ly/1kfnpIb